Privacy warning

(i)                         Name and address of the responsible party

Toushka SAPI de CV (hereinafter referred to as “Toushka”) has its registered offices in Martín Mendalde, 1789 (District Benito Juárez, Mexico City). By virtue of the provisions of the Federal Law for the Protection of Data in Possession of Private Companies or Individuals (hereinafter referred to as “FLPD”), and any other applicable provisions, Toushka, together with its subsidiaries and related companies, puts at your service this privacy warning for the appropriate management of personal data under its access. According to this warning, data will be managed in accordance with the law and the following clauses:

(ii)                         Required data

(a) Name

(a) E-mail address

(iii)                         Purpose of data management

The main aim of Toushka is the protection of any personal data and sensitive personal data provided, where applicable, by visitors and users of its website www.toushkacapital.com, aas well as of those collected by any means for collecting personal data.

Toushka agrees and undertakes to use those data entered to the website by visitors and/or users –including, but not limited to, subscribers, clients, providers and/or users and general public-, as follows:

(a) To set up databases with data from the interested parties, whose property will belong solely to Toushka
(b) To send customized communications with the interested parties via e-mail, with the purpose of obtaining deeper and detailed knowledge of their interest in Toushka
(c) To receive general documentation on possible investment projects to be revised or assessed by Toushka
(d) To send invitations to events carried out by Toushka or where Toushka takes part

Toushka does not collect sensitive personal data for the abovementioned purposes, so you are kindly requested not to provide them. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any type of sensitive personal data sent by means of the contact form will be removed immediately by Toushka as a liable party, thus limiting its liability for the provided information.

Since Toushka is a Venture Capital Firm, your personal data may be used for all purposes related to the evaluation of investment projects and/or funding and, where appropriate, the presentation of the information required by Mexican authorities.

Personal data obtained on the basis of a commercial or legal relationship, which treatment is necessary to fulfill obligations arising from that relationship, will be used only to evaluate investment opportunities, bringing you communications regarding the matter related and formalize where appropriate, the relationship with you in any corresponding agreements.

(iv)                         Personal data transfer and consent

Toushka may transfer the collected data to its related companies, either national or foreign ones. In addition, Toushka may transfer personal data to competent authorities to meet any requirements they might demand.

Toushka’s website may contain links to sites and webpages operated by business partners, affiliated companies and related third parties. In view of all the foregoing, the parties understand that it is possible for you to visualize a hyperlink after leaving Toushka’s website. Please, read carefully the privacy policy of the site you have accessed and, in case of not agreeing with it, please leave the site immediately. Under no circumstances does Toushka accept any liability for the practices and privacy policies of the sites operated by commercial partners, affiliated companies or related third parties.

(v)                         Exercise of ARCO rights

In those cases admissible by law, you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition or revocation (ARCO rights) regarding the management of the obtained personal data by contacting Toushka via the e-mail address put at your disposal: info@toushkacapital.com

Pursuant to the above, the subject of the collected data (or its legal representative) must send a written note to the abovementioned e-mail address. The written note must contain, clearly and expressly, the specific data they want to have access to, rectify, cancel, oppose or whose management consent they want to revoke, and to what extent. They must attach the documentation supporting their request.

Once the duly sent request is received in the abovementioned e-mail address, in accordance with the corresponding legal provisions, Toushka will have 20 (twenty) days to decide on the request –this deadline could be extended for another 20 days, depending on the specific circumstances of every particular case-. Finally, in the event that the request is considered applicable and appropriate, Toushka must meet the resolution within fifteen days, accountable from the date of issuance of the corresponding resolution.

(vi)                         Revocation of consent

You can revoke your consent to the management of your personal data, without any retroactive effects, in all those cases where that revocation does not imply the impossibility of meeting any liabilities derived from any current legal relation between you and Toushka as responsible party. It is necessary to indicate that the procedure to revoke the consent, if applicable, will be the same that was established in the previous section for the exercise of ARCO rights.

In addition, you or your duly authorized legal representative could limit the use or diffusion of your personal data.

(vii)                         Modifications and updates

content and scope of this Privacy warning, at any time and at its own discretion. In those cases, the responsible party will announce those changes on the website www.toushkacapital.com under the section “Privacy warning – contact” and, if applicable, via e-mail, when that medium has been established as a communication channel between you and Toushka.

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